Russia’s Propaganda uses Coronavirus Fake News to Discredit Ukrainian Army

Sorry, but no prizes for guessing Russia’s predictable propaganda would try to use the Coronavirus to discredit the Ukrainian army. Death, taxes, Trump tweeting and Russian fake news are the certainties of life. Today April 15th, Russia’s sham Luhansk republic claims front line Ukrainian soldiers have stolen “large quantities” of “medicines & personal hygiene products” from pharmacies.

They state the – Police departments in the front line settlements of Stanytsia Luhanska, Shchastya & Popasna began to receive many statements from pharmacies about the theft of items by Ukrainian military personnel.

As ever with these ludicrous claims, they thought it best not to provide any evidence to back up their article, by way of Police reporting, local media or social media reports. Other than a link to another page on their website, they provided zero proof.

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My Google Chrome web page translation.

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Original Russian page.

Contrary to Russia’s propaganda, the Ukrainian army hasn’t reported any cases of coronavirus among front line troops. What is has reported, is medical facilities in its front line mobile-military hospitals having been prepared to combat the virus. Below April 11th images shows Ukraine’s president Zelensky visiting one such hospital in the Donetsk region which would be used for testing service personnel.
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