Russia-led Republics in Eastern Ukraine & the Coronavirus Cover-up

Not news to say the coronavirus has created shock waves around the world.
Equally unnecessary to reveal Russia’s now playing coronavirus catch-up, with Kremlin first having claimed everything’s fine, few virus infections and initially taking a lacklustre approach to imposing social distancing measures.

Across the border in eastern Ukraine, there are also genuine fears of a coronavirus cover-up in both the so-called Russia-led, Donetsk & Luhansk people’s republics (DPR & LPR). With medical facilities there known to be grossly underfunded, pictures of hospitals from around the world are being used to project a modern, well-equipped health service.

April 14th, in a rebuff to what they call “numerous rumours” and social media commentary about “large numbers of seriously ill patients with COVID-19” the “DPR” posted an article on their official website. This states two doctors/medical workers have contracted the coronavirus. There are three points worth noting about this article.

1: The picture of an isolation ward is from the Wuhan province in China and not Donetsk. Link to Reuters Feb 2020 article using picture.

2: The claim of two infected medical workers seems way out of kilter with their highly dubious April 17th claim of only having “36 confirmed coronavirus cases” out of a population of several million people. Especially suspicious when you consider a large percentage of the population is over sixty.

3: Backing up concerns of limited virus control measures on the border, the below April 17th article states people brought the coronavirus into the Ukrainian Russia-led region from Russia.

new stats 124

April 14th “DPR” article using Chinese picture. Google Chrome translated.

new stats 123Feb 16th 2020 Reuters article.

new stats 127

April 17th “DPR” article on Father and son bringing the virus into the region from Russia. Also lists “36 confirmed cases of coronavirus infections.” Google Chrome translated.

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