Europe’s 6 Year War Weekly Update

Unlike the last couple of years, 2020 has seen far more aggressive actions by Russia-led forces in eastern Ukraine. Previously, their use of mortars was limited to occasional outbursts of provocation firing, but now they’re used virtually every day. So too is their increased use of anti-tank rocket fire, used to hit vehicles and target bunkers/dugouts. Inevitably, this heavier firepower inflicts significantly more casualties on Ukrainian forces & civilians.

April 13th to 19th. 
Due to Easter and a front line prisoner swap of a handful of people from both sides, firing along the front line eased off a little. Ukrainian military report 36 firing attacks from Russia-led forces, leading to the wounding of 6 Ukrainian soldiers. On the coronavirus front, no cases of infection are reported among front line troops.

Watch the below English spoken video for the full update, or visit Ukrainian Ministry of Defence website for an English text version.

On Easter Sunday, military priests visit the front line and Ukrainian soldiers celebrated Christ has risen. Nothing like a cake and an Easter egg to take your mind off low flying Russian lead.

April 20th.
Signalling the end of Easter and wishing to get things back to normal, Russia’s forces duly upped their number of attacks, with 13 reported. The below Situation Map shows the areas hit by firing, with Ukraine’s Donetsk region (yellow) suffering most. Reporting on firing from both sides, the OSCE listed around 900 ceasefire violations, inc 170 explosions in Donetsk region and 6 in Luhansk. This resulted in the death of 1 Ukrainian soldier and the wounding of another 4, including one seriously.




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