Ukraine’s Female Medics & Soldiers Killed by Russia’s Forces.

A commemorative post.
In the grim unrelenting war in eastern Ukraine, Russian bullets, shells and snipers make no exceptions for females. After six bloody long years, the death of a woman can still shock. Can wrench you from any creeping apathy to the unrelenting daily death and destruction inflicted by Russia-led forces. And long may it be so.

Since 2014 a total of 13 female Ukrainian soldiers and military medics have died. They are mothers, wives and daughters, killed while driving ambulances, attending the wounded in the heat of battle and defending their front line positions. Russian mortar shell shrapnel ripped through their flesh, snipers bullets pierced their heads, and anti-tank rockets slammed into their ambulances.

Killed in Oct 2019 by a snipers bullet, the header picture shows the funeral of 36-year-old Yaroslava Nykonenko. Bent over her body, Yaroslava’s grieving mother pays her last respects.

yaroslava-nikonenko-_2019-1 (2)The picture of Yaroslava seen by her coffin.

Below are the faces of the 13 women who are sadly no longer with us.
Please check out this website for their names, background and details of how they died.
R.I.P one and all.

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  1. Contrast these beautiful souls with the pitiless lizard brains responsible for these terrible tragedies.


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