Russia’s Forces in Eastern Ukraine Now Firing Aviation Rockets

After six bloody years of war, it seems the Kremlin feels it hasn’t inflicted enough pain on the people of eastern Ukraine. So now, its forces there have resorted to firing unguided, aviation rockets. Hard to imagine that in Europe during 2020, Russia-led forces, spend their time thinking up new ways to kill Europeans.

Ukrainian Military video showing the rocket and its location.

Today, the Ukrainian military posted these pictures of an S-8 rocket, fired on May 4th. Used by military aircraft and with multiple variations, the missile was developed during Soviet times and remains in use by the Russian air force. No doubt fired from an improvised ground launcher, it would have been unguided and had the potential to land, or veer off to anywhere. The use of such aviation missiles is likely to be a Russian military live testing their ground role capabilities. It’s also another good indication that Russia’s sending ammo into eastern Ukraine. More rocket info on Wikipedia.

95967232_848496868976264_5744999957945909248_oSide view of the rocket.
S-8_KOM_80_mm_rocketImage of an S-8 rocket. 

Russia-led forces fired the rocket towards the village of Pavlopil. On Ukraine’s south coast near the coastal city of Mariupol, Pavlopil and its defences have come under daily fire during 2020. Thankfully this one didn’t explode, with it just embedding itself deep into the ground.

map 1
Pavlopil is up on the top right. The Azov Sea and Ukraine held city of Mariupol run along the bottom of map.

map 3
Close-up of Pavlopil. The rocket looks to have landed just east of the village. It’s reportedly fired from the occupied village of Oktyabr (Verkhnoshyrokivske), 6km away.

Ukrainian military member of the JCCC marks the direction the rocket was fired from.

96253997_848496792309605_7938144983817650176_oSome of the Rockets tail fins can be seen in this picture.

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