UPDATE: Russia’s Useful Idiot Graham Phillips: Sexual Predator or Propagandist?

Hello on May 12th: I’m still busy tweaking this post and video on Graham Phillips.
Keep everything crossed & I’ll post all in a few days.

Soon I’ll be posting on the extremely troubling activities of Graham Phillips. From the UK, Phillips is well known for his slavish devotion to Russia, working for Russian state media and his on-going illegal activities (inc military) in eastern Ukraine; not to mention his apparent hatred of Ukraine. I’ll briefly touch on all that, but the main post thrust will be on his obvious attraction to young girls. An attraction which saw this middle-aged man, get engaged to a girl on her 17th birthday and may have led to the death of his former 17-year-old female assistant.

In the UK this alone would probably attract the attention of the Police, but this and much more happened in Russia-controlled eastern Ukraine & Russian occupied Crimea. I’m aiming to post a summary video on the same day as the blog post, and once it’s all up, the UK authorities may wish to investigate matters.


Written by Glasnost Gone

Just a British chap who doesn't like murdering dictators who go topless.
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