Front Line Update: Russia-led Forces Wound 4 Ukrainian Soldiers

Yesterday was a tough day on #VE75 Day.
May 8th: Russia-led forces in eastern Ukraine thought it best to replicate the destruction and misery inflicted on Europe by Hitler’s Nazi army and carry on shelling & firing as if WWII was still raging on. Their despicable efforts resulted in the wounding of 4 Ukrainian soldiers; with this following on from 6 soldiers wounded on May 7th.
Ukrainian military report.

As I’ve reported many times, Russia uses the military tactic of increased fire one day, then a moderate reduction for a few days, then the level of firing rises again. The big difference this year is their daily use of mortar fire, more heavy artillery and the increased use of anti-tank rockets. So it won’t come as any surprise to learn that heavier incoming stands a better chance of inflicting injuries to both soldiers and civilians alike. With a static front line for the best part of 6 years, each side knows precisely where each others military positions are, thereby making it far easier to land a mortar shell in a trench or use an anti-tank rocket to hit a bunker or vehicle.


May 7th Situation report for Russia-led firing on May 6th. 
As you can see, the Donetsk region suffered most, with heavy firing around the Ukraine held territory surrounding the occupied city of Donetsk.

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