Russian Military Sniper Team Filmed in Eastern Ukraine

Now we all know the Russian army operates in eastern Ukraine.
Russian officers have overall command of all military units there. Alongside Russian Special Forces units, Russian troops operate technical equipment such as electronic warfare systems, deal with military logistics and help with the security of the region. On April 30th, Ukraine’s Joint Forces Commander (Overall front line commander in eastern Ukraine) Volodymyr Kravchenko, put the number of Russian officers operating in east Ukraine at over 2,000, with these commanding a force of around 35,000 troops.

We also know Russia’s using eastern Ukraine as a training ground for its officers and soldiers. The conflict has presented Russia with a rare opportunity to fight a European country and given it a chance to refine and test out new military tactics/weapons.

So, it’s always nice to get confirmation of the above direct from Russia.
Ukraine’s military obtained the remarkable film footage seen below. Viewed from a soldiers head-cam, it shows a well trained and equipped Russian sniper team operating in eastern Ukraine. These are no rag-tag bunch of so-called Ukrainian “separatists” who’ve scraped together a few squirrel guns & the odd bit of camouflage clothing. These guys are using modern weapons along with heat vision, weather tracking and radio systems and wearing the latest camo clothing.

Seen above is the said video footage.
It includes the Russian footage & additional Ukrainian clips detailing the soldiers equipment. Using added imagery it compares that equipment to that used by Russian regular troops. It’s in Ukrainian, but they’ve made it easy to follow. YouTube link.

For a shorter English translated video, check out this Face Book post by Ukraine’s embassy in London.

Video Content.
Due to satellite imagery, we find the sniper team in Ukraine’s Luhansk region. Close to the Zolote disengagement area, on Feb 27th 2020 they are moving towards the front line to set up a firing position facing the Ukrainian defences around the villages of Orikhove & Novotoshkivske. In 2020 Russia-led forces have dramatically increased their provocation firing in this area and it’s thought this sniper unit is responsible for the deaths of several Ukrainian soldiers there.  

map 6Yellow pin marks video start location. Coordinates: 48.702204 38.654341 

Below are a few stills from the video.
From their relaxed easy-going nature, the soldiers must have performed sniper operations many times before.

Russian military 2

Russian military 1

Russian military 3

Russian military 4

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