Europe’s 6 Year War Update

Safe to say the conflict is still very much alive and kicking.
Currently, there’s one of the now routine lulls in front line firing, or more accurately put, a reduction in the firing. These typically last a week or so and then Russia-led forces get the nod to increase their output again. But 2020 is different. Russia-led forces now daily use of mortars and their increased use of artillery, anti-tank rockets & UAV to drop grenades is unusual compared to previous years, so it’s no easy to predict the firing future.

One thing we can say with certainty, is Putin keeps the daily firing & related Ukrainian pain and suffering ticking over, but never enough of it to attract the unwanted attention of the worlds eye. He wants to continue causing disruption in Ukraine, but doesn’t want questions asked why Russia’s responsible for the disruption. A peaceful unified Ukraine is Putin’s greatest fear.


Ukrainian military casualties.
May 4th to 17th: 1 soldier killed and 26 wounded, with many of the injuries caused by mortar and anti-tank rocket fire – inflicted during 153 firing attacks.

The situation map below details May 19th firing attacks by Russia-led forces.In the blue Luhansk region, daily firing and shelling continue around the Zolote disengagement area. In the yellow Donetsk region, locations around the Russia-led city of Donetsk were again hit; notably, Ukraine held towns of Avdiivka & Pisky. As you can see by the explosion graphics, firing heads southwards from Donetsk city, down towards the defences and settlements near the coastal city of Mariupol. In total, ten firing attacks were launched, which thankfully resulted in no Ukrainian military losses.
Source: Ukrainian Ministry of Defence website.



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