Front Line Report & Russia’s Propaganda Too Embarrassed to use the O Word

Ukrainian military front line update: May 25th to 31st.
Things were a little quieter, with f
ewer Russia’s forces (RF) firing attacks.
Total of 60 compared to 81 in the prev week. All days except May 26th, RF continued to use mortars. So far this week it’s the same, with reduced firing, especially during daylight hours.
This year has seen an increase in RF using UAV to drop grenades, with 1 reported downed last week.

Casualties May 25th to 31st.
1 Ukrainian soldier killed & 1 wounded.

What’s significant about these Ukraine updates is, they routinely match up with OSCE reports, in this case stating a reduction in ceasefire violations. However, although this reduction is welcome, it’s worth posting a note of caution. Read on and you’ll see Russia’s propaganda machine is again falsely hinting at an impending Ukrainian offensive. So, this fighting lull may simply be part of a propaganda plan and a prelude to a sudden upsurge in firing. In the past we’ve seen increased RF firing in one area and then claims this was due to them countering an imaginary Ukrainian advance.

English spoken update. Ukraine could really do with making them more interesting by using imagery & video footage.

Russia’s propaganda is too embarrassed to use the O word.
Over the last couple of weeks, Russia’s republics have again been pushing the Ukrainian offensive fake news. Amusingly, this time they seem extremely reluctant to mention the Offensive O word.
During 2018 & 2019 they repeatedly claimed they had “incontestable evidence” the Ukrainian army will launch a series of “Armageddon & blitzkrieg” style offensives. As my video seen below details, they did this so often, it became farcical, like some bad B movie comedy where the jokes always fall flat.

O word

The Kremlin’s puppet republics are now trying to be more subtle. Above we see the “head” of the so-called Donetsk people’s republic (DPR) giving blood. The dramatic May 25th translated headline emphases he called on the population to give blood “in case of escalation of tension at the front.”

The Russia-led Luhansk republic is also joining in.
May 21st: “Medical centres on standby as conflict with Kyiv escalates. People’s militia ordered to go on full combat alert.”  So, it’s just the same old scare mongering but without the O word.

new stats 113

My video detailing some of the fake offensive claims.


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