2014/15: Destroyed by Russia’s Forces, New Pics of Ukraine’s Donetsk Airport

Located on the western edge of the Donetsk city, here are some recent pics of the remains of the Donetsk International airport and surrounding area. I’ve added two pictures of the newly rebuilt airport from 2013 & to give you an impression of the overall destruction inflicted on it, I’ve also included a UAV flight pic from 2018. Considering the amount of Russian shells that slammed into it every day for five months, it’s a testament to excellence of Ukrainian engineering that anythings left standing. Worth mentioning the thousands of jobs lost to the region due to the destruction of both Donetsk airport and it’s sister International airport in Luhansk. The Luhansk city airport suffered an earlier fate, with Russian grad rocket fire obliterating it by Sept 2014 (see the very last pic).

Basic history.
In May 2014 Russia-led forces briefly took control of the airport. Ukrainian forces duly retook it, with the fighting inflicting light damage on the airport.

Sept 2014.
With Russia pouring troops, hardware and supplies into eastern Ukraine, the second attempt to capture the airport kicked off. A small number of Ukrainian soldiers valiantly defended the airport repeatedly repulsing major infantry and armoured attacks. From the nearby town of Pisky and under of shower of shells and bullets, Ukrainian forces used the runway to drive in supplies and reinforcements. The months passed and the shells rained down on the airport reducing it to rubble. Eventually its defence was untenable and the decision was made to pull out in Jan 2015. On Jan 21st Russia-led forces captured the airport and brutally tortured and executed numerous Ukrainian military prisoners.









Donetsk airport


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