Eastern Ukraine: Number Plates Removed from Russian Army Rocket Systems

Nothing says these belong to Russian army more than military vehicles without number plates. Over six years on and Russia’s republics in eastern Ukraine still have military vehicles without number plates. And 6+ years on, Russia’s Donetsk & Luhansk republics have never credibly explained how in 2014/15 they managed to instantly acquire thousands of tanks, trucks, artillery, anti-aircraft rocket systems, electronic warfare systems, armoured fighting vehicles and all manner of military hardware.

Apart from a few 2014/15 videos featuring the capture of small numbers of badly damaged Ukrainian hardware, there’s zero evidence to back up Russia’s republics claim of having captured their vast hardware armies from the Ukrainian army. Added to which, the 500km front line has been virtually static since early 2015, so neither sides had an opportunity to capture anything since then.

In 2014/15, a notable feature of Russia’s Ukraine invasion was multiple videos featuring large quantities of Russian military vehicles pouring into eastern Ukraine, – from tanks to trucks, all the hardware had their Russian military markings painted over and number plates (licence plates) removed. The removal of Russian military number plates is particularly important as they are specific to Russia’s military and indicate which region of Russia they come from.

My video showing Russian Army invasion columns with their official military markings covered over and number plates removed.

Meanwhile on June 12th 2020.
Russia’s puppet Luhansk people’s republic (LPR) was busy rehearsing for yet another macho military parade. On the runway of the destroyed Luhansk city airport, numerous military vehicles paraded up and down. Seen below, the parade included a number of MLRS, none of which had number plates.


new stats 152
Official LPR web page. The Google Chrome translation reads Police, but should read “Militia.” But in reality we know it should say – Russia-led forces or Russia’s Forces…

In Russia-led eastern Ukraine, seeing MLRS without number plates is nothing new. Seen below, my 2018 video details the hidden location of MLRS near the Ukrainian border town of Krasnyi Luch. All the featured MLRS had their number plates removed and what must be Russian military markings amateurishly covered over with paper. Indicating they’ve made a bad mistake, both the official LPR videos highlighted in my video have now been deleted. Adding to the embarrassment, 2018 satellite imagery indicates the MLRS have been relocated from their wood hiding place. I can’t but smile thinking my video may have played a small part in inconveniencing Russia’s forces in eastern Ukraine.

Rockets 5Three MLRS without number plates.

Rockets 4Military markings on the doors are covered over with stuck on paper.

My 2018 video.



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