More Picture Fakery from Russia’s Sham Republics in Ukraine


Today the importance of social media cannot be underestimated. Many of us around the world prefer to read/watch shortened news stories on social media platforms rather than spend time watching TV or visiting websites. Bite-size, eye-catching news is all the rage.

No surprise then to learn, when it comes to attacking Ukraine and promoting its puppet republics in eastern Ukraine, Russia’s propaganda uses social media. Wanting to appeal to Russian speakers in eastern Ukraine & Russians at home, the social media outlet VK (based in Saint Petersburg) is used.

Seen below, Inside Donetsk predominately report on so-called “official” matters related to the Russia-led republic of Donetsk – in the occupied region of Ukraine’s Donetsk Oblast (province). Needing to attract the eye and portray the notoriously inefficient and corrupt Donetsk & Luhansk republics as efficient and competent, their repeated use of unrelated imagery is legendary. Below are a few recent examples.

This week Inside Donetsk heralded the use of “150 units of equipment involved in the harvesting in the Donetsk people’s republic (DPR).” Adding to the positive agriculture vibe, they used an image showing a vast wheat field with lots of busy machinery bringing in the harvest.

fake news 3

Only downside, the picture doesn’t show the DPR, it’s an old Adobe Stock image.
fake news 4

And it’s no coincidence the number 150 matches exactly the 150 combine harvesters, tractors and trailers Russia was forced to pay for and send into the DPR in 2015. From tanks to tractors, Russia has to pay for everything in occupied eastern Ukraine.

combine 1

Moving onto jobs for school children in the DPR.
Instead of happy DPR children (are there any?), they thought it best to use a 2016 image of Russian children from Saint Petersburg.
fake news 1

jobs 1

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