Russian Propagandist Confirms Poor State of Hospitals in Occupied Ukraine

When the going gets tough, Russia’s western propagandists wont risk their lives in Putin’s puppet “republics.” They simply hightail it to paymaster Russia.

From America, the dimwitted Patrick Lancaster started his bumbling propaganda efforts around 6 years ago. Currently living illegally in Ukraine’s occupied city of Donetsk, he was initially the cameraman (baggage handler) for Russia’s better known propagandist Graham Phillips. Since 2016 Lancaster’s worked directly with the Russia’s puppet Donetsk republic, spending much of his time spreading fake news about the Ukrainian army. It’s no exaggeration to say, he’s one of the most unconvincing clowns Russia’s ever employed and that’s saying something.

June 10th this year, he reported on having an operation to remove his appendix – a routine medical operation. But Lancaster wasn’t about to risk letting any of the underfunded, understaffed and dilapidated hospitals in occupied Ukraine perform the operation. No sir he was not. Instead he shipped himself off to a hospital in Russia’s Rostov-on-Don, where he was pampered by “7 doctors and nurses.” Lancaster’s admission backs up reports of large numbers of doctors and medical staff having left occupied Ukraine due to low wages and deteriorating working conditions.

Lancaster 1
Lancaster’s Russian social media post.

Lancaster (far left) seen with Russia-led soldiers who went onto become part of Russia’s military propaganda team in occupied Donetsk.

Lancaster & Phillips
Lancaster (kneeling helmet) hugging Russia-led soldiers with Graham Phillips (bald bloke). Both are wearing items of military uniform. As the header picture shows, Lancaster likes to hug soldiers. Maybe it’s in his Russian contract?

More hugging. Lancaster (2nd from left) wearing military uniform and pro-Russian insignia. Graham Phillips is 2nd from right.

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