Dangers of Farming on Eastern Ukraine’s Front Line

Eastern Ukraine is rich in farmland, with much of it used for the growing of crops. A tough enough profession at the best of times, farming on the front line can prove a fatal occupation.

Recently fired by Russia’s forces, here outside the village of Novotoshkivske (Luhansk region) we see telltale circles created by numerous mortar rounds landing in a wheat field. The dangers from such shelling are multiple. Crops can be set alight, people working in the fields can be hit, and what is more often the case, farmers and farm workers are routinely injured/killed by unexploded shells. The harvesting of crops and preparing fields for planting is a particularly stressful time. Involving the use of tractors and heavy machinery to dig into and drive over the ground, shells & mines are often disturbed with explosive consequences.

So the next time you’re eating anything made from wheat, spare a thought for Ukraine’s front line farmers and what they have to go through to grown their crops & make a living. Face Book post info on the pictures.



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  1. Ukraine doesn’t only grow wheat, they grow most crops. Do you really think the corn, potatoes and all the other vegies grew themselves.


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