Russia’s Forces in Eastern Ukraine using Rockets to fire anti-Personnel Mines

Just when you thought the horror inflicted on eastern Ukraine by Russia couldn’t get any worse. Russia-led forces are now resorting to firing anti-personnel fragmentation mines towards Ukraine government held territory. As so often seen in eastern Ukraine, it’s civilians including children who frequently get killed a horrifically maimed by such mines.

Banned under the Ottawa Treaty on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines, on July 15th POM-2 mines (produced exclusively in Russia) were fired towards the village of Novoluhanske in Ukraine’s Donetsk region. Instead of the usual firing process, they used rocket propelled grenade launchers (RPG), with the POM-2 mine replacing the rockets head. Ukrainian Ministry of Defence report.


As seen in the below video, once deployed, several small explosions should trigger the deployment of metal feet making the mine stand up and then four 10m long wire threads are fired outwards – the wires triggering the mine should anything touch them.

Presumably due to its connection to the rocket, the mine appears not have deployed, however this make it no less lethal. Children and adults alike are routinely injured and killed because they handle unexploded ordnance. One assumes it was hoped the impact of the rocket hitting the ground would detach the mine, allowing full deployment. Luckily this one was found and neutralized, but others may still be littering the area. The below photos taken by the Ukrainian army show the mine mechanism, inc the activation wires.



Village of Novoluhanske. POM-2 mines said to have been fired from the nearby Dolomite area.

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