July 30th is a #CrimeaIsUkraine Campaign Day – Get Involved

Morning all.
July 30th is a #CrimeaisUkraine Campaign Day.
A day to give Ukraine and occupied Crimea a voice.

With us not having had any campaign days for several years, I thought I’d kick one off. It’s an important one dealing with Russia’s on-going occupation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsular. It’s a chance for people to come together to counter Russia’s fake narrative on Crimea and to call out Russia’s invasion, occupation and sham referendum – not to mention the countless human rights abuses and brutal persecution of the Crimean Tartars.

With so much going on around the globe, there’s plenty of news to distract us. July 30th gives us an opportunity to grab some much needed attention for Ukraine. But we all know attention needs to be earned. We’ll only get it if enough of us make a pro-active effort to grab the attention of a worldwide audience the media and politicians. Getting #CrimeaIsUkraine trending will help. Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ukrainian embassies are on board, so that’s a good start. After July 30th we’ll move onto Campaign Days exposing Russia’s occupation of eastern Ukraine.


What You Need to Do.
1: On July 30th, use the #CrimeaIsUkraine hashtag and add the #Crimea hashtag.

2: Tweet/Post images showing Russia’s human rights abuses, such as the below masked goons arriving to arrest yet another innocent person or one of the many cartoons which illustrate Russia’s rigged referendum held at the point of a gun (tank). You can find a good selection of cartoons by typing – Crimea Cartoons into Google image search.

3: Tweet/Post links to articles detailing human rights abuses such as the numerous Ukrainians Russia’s arrested on fake charges.

4: Post video footage showing Russia’s invasion forces (little green men) unsuccessfully pretending to be “local defence force” volunteers.

5: With Covid-19, peaceful demos outside Russian embassies are probably not an option. So why not pitch up at a well known location in your area and take some eye-catching pics and video footage for posting on social media. Another option is to simply stage a demo/party in your home/garden – but remember to have #CrimeaIsUkraine hashtag on your poster and flags etc.

6: Post selfies with a #CrimeaIsUkraine poster.

7: Check the #CrimeaIsUkraine hashtag is spelt correctly. In the past, Russia’s social media trolls have used locked accounts to mass promote a similar looking, but misspelt hashtag. On Twitter, one you start to write #Crimea… their automated system prompts you with the most popular hashtag linked to that name, thereby saving you time in writing it out in full. So on July 30th we may see Twitter and other social media platforms automatically promoting the wrong hashtag. So check before you tweet/post and make sure you’re using #CrimeaIsUkraine.

8: But whatever you do, please do something. 

On the day via Twitter and FaceBook, I’ll be posting lots of images and hopefully several videos throughout the day. I’ll also give a midday update on how the days going and a July 31st summary of how it all went.

My thanks for reading all that and hope you can find the time to give Ukraine a voice on July 30th.




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