Images of Ukrainian Soldiers Holding the Line & July 27th Ceasefire Update

Ceasefire Update.
This latest one started yesterday on July 27th. Russia-led forces clearly can’t tell the time or read a calendar, as early in the morning they opened up several times & felt the desperate need to fire some more POM-2 anti-personnel mines towards Ukrainian territory. My post on their previous firing of POM-2 mines.

On the plus side, there was no day-time firing. This morning the Ukrainian military report a total of 3 firing attacks from Russia-led forces on July 27th, but thankfully no Ukrainian casualties. No mortar fire, but grenade launcher and heavy/light machine gun fire stipulated.

So far today 1 firing attack has been reported – grenade launcher fire towards defences protecting the village of Shumy, opposite the Russia-led town of Horlivka (Donetsk region). This is the standard Russian propaganda routine and we’ll see more of this over the coming days. They’ll fire in the hope the Ukrainian army returns fire, then they’ll SCREAM – look Ukraine’s broken the ceasefire. Full Ukrainian Defence Ministry report on yesterdays firing and today

The Ukrainian army holding the line.
Photos taken by military photographer. If you’re on Face Book, it’s well worth following the account which posts them > Link to Face Book page for more photos and info.

A military routine which is as old as time. These photos from July 21st show soldiers on alert for enemy movement. They peer out into the early morning mist and half-light.


Photos from July 27th and the start of the new ceasefire.
In this case, it’s soldiers and four-legged forces.


And finally, photos from July 19th.
As the last picture shows, there are older battle-hardened soldiers within the ranks of the Ukrainian army. These will presumably be from the numerous local militia units which sprung up to repel Russia’s 2014 invasion. Comprised of both civilians and military veterans, these militia units were later incorporated into the Ukrainian army. Also worth noting that a good many women joined these local defence units & readily took up arms to defend their families and homes.


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