UPDATED: Fantastic Response to #CrimeaIsUkraine Campaign Day

In a few words –
Well beyond my humble expectations and then some. Google shows at least 82,600 #CrimeaIsUkraine posts made from 1pm yesterday.

I must start by saying a big British thank you to all who took the time and effort to make the campaign such a success. Ukraine has a huge global support base, all eager to lend it a helping hand once given a suitable platform. The campaigning bottom line is, the more popular a hashtag and associated campaign days become, the more the worlds media, politicians and governments will report on them, notice them and begin using the hashtag. So each and every social media post makes a difference.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, makes me happier than seeing people come together and fight for a good cause. To give a voice to an issue which deserves vocalizing. In an effort to garner worldwide support to counter Russia’s disinformation narrative on #Crimea, last week I called a #CrimeaIsUkraine Campaign Day for July 30th. This will be the start of many campaigns which will focus on Russia’s occupation of Crimea and eastern Ukraine. I’ve got lots of ideas on how to make our 2nd Campaign bigger & better, but more on that another time.

To help with organisation of future Campaigns and importantly keep this British chap fighting the good fight, your donations are very welcome > PayPal Donation link.
My thanks to all who take the trouble to donate. After almost 7 years, I’m still here because of you.

Campaign Info.
1: We got #CrimeaIsUkraine Trending on Twitter and No 1 Trend in Ukraine.

Remarkably when I checked this morning, it’s still trending in Ukraine. Trend 24 lists the hashtag as having now trended for 21 hours.

Untitled 59This mornings Trend 24 detailing trends in Ukraine. Lists usage at 10,000+ tweets.

Untitled 412: On Twitter #CrimeaIsUkraine Trended early on July 30th with 4,857 tweets tweets.

Untitled 51Me starting to write #CrimeaIsUkraine & smiling upon seeing Trending label. 

3: Overall Social Media Use.
At 1pm on July 30th, I checked Google Search for #CrimeaIsUkraine usage. As seen below the results came in at 38,400. Some of those will be older posts, but a good chunk will relate to our campaign Day.

Untitled 43

4: Meanwhile this morning I checked Google again.
As seen below the total came in at an impressive 85,300.

Untitled 60
85,300 Google Results.

5: The UPDATE Bit.
I checked again today at 6,30pm & total now stands at a whopping 121,000.
See below screen grab.

This means at least 82,600 #CrimeaIsUkraine posts
were made after 1pm yesterday, including some today. As previously mentioned, many of the earlier 38,400 results may relate to yesterday’s campaign day, so likely looking at far more than 82,600 posts. If we can get that many for our first campaign, imagine what we can do for our next one?

Untitled 61
121,000 Google Results.

6: Good response on Instagram.
Almost 7,000 posts listed. Naturally some of these will be older posts, but a good many will related to July 30th.

Untitled 55

A Crimea Referendum Guide, one that nails the Russian reality of how it took place.

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