Front Line Update and Other News

Sept 7th was a quiet one on the front line.
Just 1 reported firing attack from Russia-led forces in eastern Ukraine. So thankfully it seems things did not kick off due to the death of a Ukrainian soldier last weekend.

As I posted yesterday, Russia’s sham Donetsk republic had threatened to destroy Ukrainian defences around the village of Shumy. According to them, this was meant to happen on Sept 7th – all because they amusingly claim Ukrainian forces had dug new positions in the area. Shumy is a stones throw (shell throw) away from the large occupied town of Horlivka in the Donetsk region. Ukraine held territory is located on its northern and western sides.

Shumy can be seen in the middle top.

However, despite all the Russia-backed bluster, as seen below this ceasefire breaching attack has been postponed until 10am tomorrow. Now they claim they’re not sure what’s happening in the Ukrainian defences and need time to check things out. So we’ll have to see what happens tomorrow morning. My guess is nothing much.

With the unusually hot weather in Ukraine, the front line region is suffering from on-going fires raging along it. Sadly over the last few weeks, several Ukrainian soldiers have died whilst fighting them. As you might expect, fighting front line fires is extremely hazardous. The areas heavily mined, littered with unexploded ordnance and large tracks of land are overgrown and given over to scrub. Much of it is now depopulated, with many farmers fields long since abandoned to nature. So when fires take hold, they spread with ease and happily engulf trenches and bunkers.

This picture and header pic show a fire from last week.

Winged based support.
On Sept 4th, having flown from the UK, several U.S. strategic bombers entered Ukrainian airspace. These flew down to Ukraine’s south coast, flying close to the Azov Sea & the border with Russian occupied Crimea. Three B-52s took part in this heavy weight show of support for Ukraine. Check out more info on Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence website.

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