Always good to see the UK supporting Ukraine with boots on the ground.
Taking part in the first stage of the military exercise known as “Joint Effort,” one of the largest parachute jumps by British Para’s for decades took place in southern Ukraine. On Sept 19th at Mykolaiv, not far from Russian occupied Crimea, 250 soldiers from the 16th Airborne Assault Brigade, joined Ukrainian Para’s in a mass drop. Until Sept 29th, British and Ukrainian troops will engage in various joint training exercises.

The below pictures and video are taken from the drop.
In the Sky News video, the reporter does refer to Ukraine as “Russia’s backyard.” I’m sure he didn’t mean to cause offence, but Ukraine is a sovereign country, one of the largest in Europe and is in NO way part of Russia’s backyard. That said, it’s a good video. More pics from Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence Website. To watch the British Army video of the event, use this link to their Twitter posted video.

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