US Bombers Fly with Ukrainian Jets in Show of Support

The last few weeks have seen a welcome show of military support for Ukraine.
In this case it’s not boots on the ground, rather wings in the sky. Sept 4th, several US Air Force Boeing B-52 aircraft entered Ukrainian airspace. The American strategic bombers were met at the Polish border by Ukrainian Su-27 and MiG-29 fighter jets. The bombers had flown from Fairford Air Force Base in the UK, with this joint patrol part of a NATO exercise with Ukraine as a Partner country. The patrol flew down to southern Ukraine in the Black Sea region, close to Russian occupied Crimea.

Goes without saying Russia had one of its usual OTT hissy fits about this, but forgot to mention its turned Crimea into one massive military fortress, has shot at and attacked Ukrainian Naval ships in the Black Sea & is continuing its harassment of International shipping needing to visit Ukrainian posts in the Azov Sea.

This picture and the one below show the view from B-52.
The view from a Ukrainian jet.
Video of the US bombers taking off from the UK and joining Ukrainian jets over Ukraine.
Ukrainian Ministry of Defence video showing the view from Ukrainian jets.
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