Ukraine’s Memory Book-Faces of Those Who Died Because #RussiaInvadedUkraine

Seeing the faces of thousands of soldiers who have died during Russia’s invasion of eastern Ukraine, is a sobering experience. Conversely, seeing their proud and often smiling faces is also a rewarding experience. By gazing upon their photos, in a small way it lets them know they are not forgotten, that their ultimate sacrifice has briefly been remembered. Lest we forget and all that.

Should you wish to remember them, it’s worth visiting The Memory Book.
A website supported by Ukraine’s National Military History Museum, it painstakingly list all the combat and non-combat losses linked to Russia’s invasion and on-going occupation of eastern Ukraine. Currently updated to July 6th 2020, using the alphabet, it lists 4,320 deaths. That’s 4,320 fathers, mothers, sons and daughters.

Driving home the magnitude of Ukraine’s bloody sacrifice, the letter A alone has 107 entries. Naturally the website text is written in Ukrainian, but as I did, you can use Google Chrome to translate the pages.
Link to website.

The website.

Below are the details of the death of Antonov Vadim Vitalievich.
His radio call sign was – plane or airplane. At the start of Russia’s mass invasion of eastern Ukraine, he died on August 10th 2014 at the town of IIovaisk, near the Ukrainian border. He left behind a six-year-old daughter.

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