Stories of Ukrainian Children Born Into Russia’s War

It’s hard to believe a war has been raging in Europe since 2014. The effect of that never-ending European war, is thousands of Ukrainian children have been born on a front line. Children born into Russia’s senseless war which has inflicted both physical and psychological pain upon them. As one parent put it “My children have never known a peaceful sky.”

Sofia is six-years-old. In 2018 she and her friends were trying to dismantle an unexploded ordnance. It exploded. Sofia suffered multiple shrapnel injuries and almost lost a finger on her right hand. Doctors saved the girl’s life, however, around 50 pieces of shrapnel remain in Sofia’s body.

To give a window into the lives of children who everyday hear, see and directly experience the effects of war, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has compiled a fascinating pictorial story book. Read it and one cannot fail to both saddened by what these little ones have endured and uplifted by their infectious optimism.

The ICRC article covers The children’s everyday life, their daily roundabouts and school expectations are shown in 59 photos made in different towns and villages along the conflict’s contact line in the Donbas (eastern Ukraine). Many schools, kindergartens and other educational institutions in eastern Ukraine have been affected by the armed conflict; some of them directly damaged by shelling and shooting. Even nowadays, more than six years into the conflict, educational institutions continue being directly affected by hostilities. For many children, the daily walk to school can be dangerous, and in some cases the education process in schools situated on the very line of contact is interrupted by armed hostilities. Link to English version of the article.

Header picture – Yulia aged seven.

Artem and Polina aged seven.
Mykyta aged five.
Kateryna aged six with her older sister.
Tamara aged six with her two brothers.
Our battled scared Sofia, aged six. Her biggest dream is to become a world-famous ballerina.


  1. The most malignant, savage regime since Stalin and still no one will provide decisive help. Disgraceful.


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