In Ukraine, Russia’s Forces Reveal their Combat Engineer Hardware

Now you’ll struggle to find any evidence that those pesky, so-called “Ukrainian Separatists” captured any Ukrainian army engineer vehicles like these seen here. And you wont find any evidence proving they captured all the engineer vehicles seen throughout occupied eastern Ukraine. Strange, because videos and images showing the capture of large numbers of these big beasts would have received widespread coverage, not to mention substantial YouTube views.

The reality is, along with the thousands of tanks and assorted hardware, Russia also send these and other engineer vehicles into Ukraine. They’ve simply had a new paint job and been given a number. Scroll down to the OSCE image and you’ll see engineer hardware in a Russia’s forces base at Mryne, some distance away in the Russia-led “Luhansk peoples republic.”

October 9th 2020: The Russia-led “Donetsk people’s republic” put out one of their publicity videos. This involved 3 armoured engineer vehicles driving around and digging stuff up. We see two Russian made IMR-2 Armoured Engineer vehicles. On the front, these have powerful bulldozer blades, capable of clearing and levelling ground. When not in use, the blades can be lifted up above the cabin. At the rear there’s a large crane which can be used to move heavy objects. The other vehicle is a MDK-3 Anti-tank Trench Digger. This has large rotating blades on the rear to cut through earth, along with a small bulldozer blade at the front.

Two Russian made IMR-2 Armoured Engineer vehicles.
IMR-2 with raised bulldozer blades.
The Russian made MDK-3 anti-tank Trench Digger, painted with the number 304.
The MDK-3 rotating blades slicing through the ground.
To create an earth bank in front of the ditch, the MDK-3 blades scoop out the earth and deposits it on the side. This handy bit of kit can be used to dig fortifications and the earth banked compounds, seen in Russia’s forces bases throughout eastern Ukraine.
OSCE UAV image taken Sept 2017. Shows 1 IMR-2, 1 MDK-3 and 3 Mine Clearance vehicles. The MTLB are Russian made amphibious armoured tracked vehicles. Note the trench behind the vehicles – looks to have been dug by the MDK-3. For June 2019, Google Earth shows both the IMR-2 & MDK-3 and Mine Clearance hardware still there. Coordinates for the Myrne base 48°21’54.42″N 39° 4’35.80″E
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