Front Line Update: Ukraine Forces Return Russia’s Forces Fire

In eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian military have today reported they’d returned Russia’s forces (RF) fire. Since the start of the July 27th ceasefire, this is the first time Ukraine’s reported having done so. Todays morning report lists 5 RF ceasefire violations on Oct 21st. These included 4 incidents of firing and another UAV flown towards Ukrainian lines. Since the ceasefire, the majority of firing is thankfully still small-scale and limited to grenade launcher, anti-tank rocket and small arms fire. Small-scale or not, on October 20th, Ukraine detailed one Ukrainian soldier wounded by RF fire.

On Oct 21st using small arms, RF fire was directed across the Siverskyi Donets river at the village of Artema, in Ukraine’s Luhansk region. To have prompted Ukraine return fire, one imagines the RF machine gun fire was targeted at a specific Ukrainian position rather than firing in the general direction of Ukr lines. What makes this pointless gunfire more interesting, is the location is just down the river from the new front line civilian crossing at Shchastya/Vesela Hora. This bridge crossing across the Siverskyi Donets river is due to open in November.

We can but hope things don’t escalate further.

Village of Artema is seen top right. Fire would likely have originated from RF positions around the village of Obozne.
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