Russia Destroyed Luhansk Airport & Now it’s Hiding the Ruins

It seems Russia doesn’t want the ruins it created spoiling the propaganda view.
In eastern Ukraine, Russia’s bloody legacy boils down to it having killed tens of thousands of Ukrainians, laid waste to vast swathes of land and shelled into oblivion two international airports. The airports in question are located in the city of Donetsk and as seen here, the airport serving the city of Luhansk.

Like the one in Donetsk, the Luhansk airport was mercilessly pulverized by Russian artillery including grad rockets. The startling result of constant and prolonged shellfire can be seen below. Only recently completely renovated, by Sept 2014 little of it was left standing.

A few years ago, Russia-led forces started using the airports runway for parade rehearsals and holding public military events. But there was a location drawback. Having the shattered airport ruins as a backdrop to their propaganda videos and photos wasn’t ideal. Russia likes to promote its two sham Donetsk & Luhansk republics as vibrant & modern, where the grass is always, always greener. Post-apocalyptic looking ruins did not fit this clean-cut image of a joyful land of plenty. So in 2016, the bulldozers moved in and satellite images show the terminal building was leveled to the ground. One can’t but smile at the irony of Russia having flattened Luhansk city airport twice.

Seen in 2015: Ruins of the terminal building and other destroyed buildings beyond.
Sept 2015: Satellite view of the whole airport with the remains of the terminal building in the red square.
Terminal before Russia’s invasion.
Terminal after Russia’s invasion forces had flattened it.
Terminal before the shelling.
August 2016: All the remaining standing ruins of the terminal have been bulldozed flat.
Recent Ukrainian military video covering the defence of Luhansk airport. Even if you don’t speak Ukrainian, to see clips of the fighting, shelling by Russia’s forces and Russian army columns in Ukraine, it’s well worth watching.
Russia-led forces on the airport runway. Note none of the Multiple Launch Rocket systems have number plates. Because, like all the other hardware seen in occupied eastern Ukraine, it’s supplied by the Russian army.
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