Russia’s Forces Kill 2 Ukrainian Soldiers

Sad to report Russia’s forces killed 2 Ukrainian soldiers on Oct 30th.
This despite there being a so-called ceasefire in operation. The type of ceasefire where Ukraine orders its troops to CEASE and Russia tells its to FIRE. Both Marine sergeants, the soldiers died early in the morning while defending the village of Vodyane. On Ukraine’s south Azov Sea coast near Mariupol city, Ukrainian military report grenade launcher and other fire had been directed at their position. They also state they returned fire.

Although significantly reduced than before the July 27th ceasefire started, firing incidents and associated casualties are edging up. Two Ukrainian soldiers were wounded on Oct 29th by a grenade dropped from a UAV and Ukraine’s also reported Russia’s forces popping off a few mortar rounds. As I always say, we’ll just have to see how things pan out and wait to see what the Kremlin has in mind.

Location of Vodyane village. Russia’s forces control everything east of it back to Russia. Here the front line is separated by just a field.
Two Ukrainian Marines killed Oct 30th: Left Volodymyr Bondariuk – Born in Kamiany Mist, Mykolayiv Oblast (province) in 1993. Served as sergeant in 36th Marine Infantry Brigade. Right: Mykhailo Starostin – Born in Novoraisk, Kherson Oblast June 14, 1990. Served as senior sergeant in 36th Marine Infantry Brigade. Joined the Marine Corps in 2010.

Below, comrades, friends and family pay tribute to Mykhailo on Oct 31st. His radio call sign was “Quiet.”

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