New OSCE Status Report: A Bloody Two Weeks

We have the latest OSCE Status Report.
Covering the period from Oct 19th to Nov 1st, it shows a modest increase in ceasefire violations. Up from 215 violations in the previous 2 weeks, to 253. Since the start of the July 27th ceasefire, firing along the front line is much reduced, with far less use of heavy weapons such as mortars. However, it only takes one bullet or grenade launcher shell to find its mark for people to get killed and wounded. As seen below, the Ukrainian military report 2 soldiers killed and 3 wounded by Russia-led forces during this period.
Link to OSCE report for English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Main OSCE Stats.
Ceasefire Violations: 253.
Disengagements Areas: Quiet, but again noted people (presumably soldiers) inside the Zolote & Petrivske disengagement areas.
New military positions: On Ukraine’s south coast just outside the city of Mariupol, fresh trenches dug on the front line near Ukraine held village of Vodyane & occupied Leninske (Uzhivka). Here, both sides have been edging closer to each other since 2019. Ukraine’s front line mirrors those of WWI. It’s trench warfare on a grant scale.
Civilian Casualties: 5 including 2 killed. Four of the casualties were due to the “detonation of explosive devices,” such as tripping mines and ammunition they’d handled having exploded. A fifth casualty incident occurred back in March, but has only now been confirmed.
Local Ceasefires: To enable important infrastructure repairs, the OSCE continue to arrange local ceasefires. These often involve the use of heavy machinery which couldn’t operate without local ceasefire guarantees.
OSCE Freedom of Movement: I find myself smiling every time I have to write something about this. This because without fail, it’s always Russia-led forces stopping the OSCE from monitoring. During this period, OSCE patrols were stopped and refused access to areas 7 times – all by Russia-led soldiers.
OSCE UAV Interference: 22 OSCE UAV flights were probably jammed by electronic warfare systems.

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