Good News For Ukrainian Teeth On The Front Line

War zones are not safe places. You can get killed, injured and local amenities such as shops, post offices, banks, buses, trains, employment opportunities, medical practices all close. Such dangers and hardships for those living in Europe’s war zone are no less real. In eastern Ukraine, numerous towns, villages and remote hamlets occupy the 500km front line. And after 7 years of unrelenting war, many of those left living in them are elderly residents and those less able to fend for themselves.

So, it’s good news indeed that 7 villages on the front line no longer have to travel long distances to see a dentist. Close to Ukraine’s south coast, the local doctor Alla has opened an office in the village of Hranitne. With the support from the Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Ukraine, Alla was able to purchase an X-ray machine. Another plus factor of setting up in Hranitne, is the creation a local job with the hiring of an assistant. So it’s a win win for war-torn teeth and jobs.

Picture of Alla at work in Hranitne.
The village of Hranitne sits on the banks of the river Kalmius. Russia’s forces are just across the river occupying an disused Soviet airfield (red).

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