Russia Kills Another European, Another Ukrainian Soldier

For seven long years I’ve been reporting on Russia killing Europeans, killing Ukrainians. Since #RussiaInvadedUkraine in 2014, Russia’s killed and wounded tens of thousands of Ukrainian men, women and children – all done with little condemnation or actions to stop Russia’s murderous rampage in eastern Ukraine. Incredibly 7 years on, countries around the world still think Tweeting and making speeches stop Russian bullets. Well here’s the proof they don’t.

Yesterday Nov 24th, Russia’s forces killed this Ukrainian soldier. His name is Viacheslav Minkin. Aged 31, he leaves behind a wife & son. Vyacheslav was defending the town of Avdiivka, directly opposite the occupied city of Donetsk. He was shot by a sniper and died later from his horrendous injuries. Media report. Military report.

He died because Russia killed him. He died because our world is full of spineless politicians who keep looking the other way. Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Colonel-General Ruslan Homchak stated, since start of the July 27th ceasefire, Russia’s forces have killed 4 and wounded 14 Ukrainian soldiers.

Town of Avdiivka can be seen on the left and the city of Donetsk on the right.

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