News of Front Line Infrastructure Projects

Warfare destroys stuff. Usually a lot of stuff. In eastern Ukraine, seven years of Russia’s unrelating war has left its destructive indelible mark upon the landscape. For those left living in Europe’s modern day war zone, it’s tough going. Along with the obvious dangers of getting killed and wounded by the routine stream of Russian lead heading west, employment opportunities are limited and many local shops/public services are either closed or hard to access. So it’s welcome news indeed to now see major infrastructure projects happening along the front line.

Looking back towards Luhanske. The bridge crosses a railway line.

In Ukraine’s Donetsk Oblast (province) the main road bridge leading from the Ukraine held town of Luhanske, is now being rebuilt. This will not only bring a much needed boost to the local economy, but also be a blessing for the many thousands of people living in Luhanske and numerous surrounding towns and villages. Like many bridges along the front line, this one was partially destroyed in 2014. Travelling south beyond Luhanske, the road leads to the town of Debaltseve and onto the Russian border. However, with the capture of Debaltseve in 2015 by Russia’s forces, the road was blocked a few kilometers beyond Luhanske.

Close-up of the bridge. With Ukraine fearing Russia’s forces might advance beyond Debaltseve, in 2014/15 a huge earth work fortification was built around the bridge. Seen here in Sept 2019, the remains of firing positions and trenches can still be seen. The bridge itself was only partially destroyed, with the southern end blown up.
Location of bridge marked in yellow.
Occupied town of Debaltseve can be seen.

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