Ukraine’s Four-Legged Forces Helping Hold The Line

This is a shameless post featuring pics of cute cats and dogs.
Having said that, in my defence there is a serious side behind such images. With a static front line stretching for around 500km, it’s no surprise that cats and dogs share trenches and bunkers alongside Ukrainian soldiers. Be they much loved pets, mascots or adopted strays, each one brings a welcome distraction from the daily dangers of living in a war zone. Like their human comrades, many cats and dogs have been killed. They’ve been blown up by shells and mines and in at least one case, a cat was shot dead by a Russia’s forces sniper. Without complaint, Ukraine’s four-legged forces share the front line good times and the bad times.

This pooch shares the trenches, bunkers and the comfy chair.
The little grave of the cat Sofia. On the front line in the town of Avdiivka, in Dec 2018 she was shot dead by a Russia’s forces sniper.
Early climbing lesson for this kitten.
Always have your best lookouts on sentry duty.
It’s not widely known, but Ukrainian cats have been trained to fire heavy machine guns, but only the cute ones (lol).
Little dogs need a lot of loving.
Sweet dreams.
Cute alert.
When the firing starts, it’s best to take cover.
Man’s best friend.
On patrol.
Holding the line together.
My safe place.
On the lookout for Russian Orcs.


  1. Dear Alex, you’re always catching the moment. These are wonderful but at the same time very sad photos. When we’re in difficult situations it’s so so nice with a for legged friend. No comments needed, just the bond between dog/cat and master. Thank you!


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