Literal Ukrainian Brothers In Arms on the Front Line

Upon seeing the above photo of Vyacheslav, Vasily and Vadim, you can’t but help reflect on the background story for the movie Saving Private Ryan. A story of young brothers fighting tyranny.

From the city of Vinnytsia in western Ukraine. Vyacheslav, Vasily and Vadim are now serving on the front line. Two years ago, Vyacheslav was the first to join the ranks of the Armed Forces. He was followed by Vasily the elder brother and in turn the younger brother Vadim joined up. All three plan to study for officers and dream of creating families. “At home we could compete and argue, as usual happens between brothers, but only here have we became really close. It was in the war that we became brothers not only by blood, but also by spirit.” 
Original Ukrainian military post.

We wish the brothers three a safe and prosperous future. 


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