2020: 55 Ukrainian Soliders Died Because Russia Invaded Ukraine

Like all soldiers throughout the world, the faces you see here are those of fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. During 2020, 55 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and over 300 injured on the front line. Almost 7 years on since Russia invaded eastern Ukraine, the majority of those you see here died in the usual way; Russian shells, shrapnel and bullets slicing into their flesh.

Among the 55 lost to us, was the female soldier Klavdia Volodymyrivna Sytnyk. Born on February 25th, 1986, she served as a Sergeant & senior combat medic. On February 1st during heavy shelling by Russia’s forces, she was hit while delivering medical supplies to a front line position. In a muddy trench in Europe, Klavdia died on a bloodied stretcher. She left behind a daughter.


So upon reading this I ask you spare a thought for the people you see here, because they didn’t get to see in 2021 and makes jokes about how bad 2020 was. Read the names and stories of the other soldiers who died during 2020 in Europe’s forgotten war.

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