Posted a New #CrimeaIsUkraine YouTube Video

It has been a while, but yesterday I posted a new video on my YouTube channel – HURRAH.
Kicked off 2021 with a short, concise #CrimeaIsUkraine video, making it crystal clear, that you don’t get to invade Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, then smugly claim it’s now part of Russia. At the time of writing this, we’ve just tipped over the 600 view mark, but NEED to garner far more views. So please Hit this link people.

As you can see below, Russia’s YouTube trolls were quick off the mark. In broken English, Robert Trebor (clearly a fake name) wrote > you lost, it’s Russia now no matter how much you will cry, get fucked Ukrainian scum. To any watching Russian troll scum, I’m British scum and damned proud of it.

On a more serious note, on YouTube my new video comes out top when searching for #CrimeaIsUkraine videos.
This is nice, but with the last related video posted 11 months ago, it shows there’s work to be done to expose Russia’s invasion and on-going occupation of Crimea. More videos coming this week, so all subs, likes and comments are very welcome and much needed. Thank you.

My new video
YouTube troll comment. Once I’ve collected a few more, I’ll post a video with them all in.
YouTube search result for #CrimeaIsUkraine.

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