Fantastic Response to my Relaunched YouTube Channel

This week saw the relaunch of my YouTube channel, and…. the response from everyone (except Russia’s trolls) has been extremely encouraging. So a big British thank you to all who helped make it so.

As seen below, I’m now using a shortened video format which gets the message across in a concise, clean way. This weeks efforts has garnered well over 3,000 views, 244 new subscribers, 800+ likes and 150+ supportive comments. Using both the #RussiaInvadedUkraine and #CrimeaIsUkraine hashtags, my aim is to better combat Russia’s invasive YouTube disinformation.

So now the appeal – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE subscribe, view and help promote the channel. Three thousand views is good, but we NEED 30,000 views to make a real impact #4Ukraine. Link to channel.

More videos coming very soon. These will cover how Russia sends ammo and military supplies into eastern Ukraine and a series covering the widespread destruction Russia’s forces have inflicted on eastern Ukraine.

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