In Occupied Ukraine: Russia’s COVID-19 Con

After almost seven years of Russia occupying eastern Ukraine, we’ve become used to the Kremlin’s vacuous propaganda. Detailed here, nothing illustrates this better than this Coronavirus con trick. A con which indicates Russia cares little for those unfortunate souls living in the occupied territory.

Seen below, On Jan 30th the Russia-led Donetsk republic hailed the arrival the “first shipment” of Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine. To suggest the shipment contained large quantities of the vaccine, the article included a picture of two large cargo trucks. Note the Licence plate of the truck on the left is – A 785 pm.

Clos up of the truck on the left and its licence plate – A 785 pm.

Meanwhile on Jan 31st an updated article seen below showed the trucks contained nothing more than one small container box and an equally small quantity of Russia’s vaccine. Confirming this, the article helpfully included numerous pictures of the lone box and its content. In the below pictures, note the licence plate of the truck containing the box matches one seen in the above Jan 30th article – A 785 pm.

So it’s obvious, this small quantity of Sputnik V was initially transported from Russia to Donetsk in a secure smaller vehicle – and for propaganda purposes it was then placed inside a big truck. There’s no way such a valuable and fragile vaccine would be allowed to slide and bump around inside a large cargo container for a journey of at least several hundred kilometres. Lastly, its worth pointing out the occupied region of Donetsk has a population of around 1.2 million people, with a high percentage of them elderly. And on this evidence, I can’t see them getting any sizable quantities of Sputnik V any time soon.

Note the trucks licence plate. A 785 pm.
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