In Occupied Ukraine: Russia’s Funding Death Not Doctors

In Russia, there’s overwhelming evidence from countless social media videos and media reports indicating Russia’s health service is in perpetual decline – this due to a chronic lack of investment and endemic corruption. Inside occupied eastern Ukraine, the same persistent lack of investment and no doubt corruption has seen a exodus of medical staff. Go work elsewhere and doctors, surgeons, specialists and nurses are assured of better working conditions, higher wages, with the added bonus of not living in a war zone.

Death Before Doctors.
This Russian paradox speaks volumes for how Putin views the people living in occupied Ukraine. He’s unwilling to pay a decent wage to medical staff or invest in a failing health service, yet year after year Russia spends a fortune sending vast quantities of weapons and ammunition into eastern Ukraine, along with paying the wages of tens of thousands of soldiers there.

This pic & the header image are said to show a hospital building and ambulances in the occupied town of Krasnyi Luch, Luhansk region.

Feb 4th in occupied Ukraine, the head of the Russia-led Donetsk republic Denis Pushlin admitted to the alarming shortage of medical staff. Seen below, he stated some areas suffered from a 50% shortage of doctors and “the situation is no better in the provision of middle and junior medical personnel.” Be assured the figures he quoted will be far higher. Added to this medical tale of woe, many of those doctors still working are near “retirement age,” meaning the manpower deficit will only get worse.

Pushlin also shatters Russia’s Coronavirus propaganda which informs us the virus is fully under control, with limited infection numbers. He admits the lack of medical staff is hindering their ability to “fight the coronavirus infection.” This admission backs up the reports from Ukraine which claimed the occupied territories were struggling to control the virus. As we’ve seen in Russia, Pushlin also states it’s the rural areas which suffer most from staff shortages. With no doctors and qualified medical staff, hospitals and smaller local medical practices will have shut down, placing an intolerable burden on those remaining open.

The occupied Donetsk region has a population of around 1.2 million people. With many of them elderly living in rural areas, their suffering during Russia’s pointless war and now the coronavirus epidemic can only be imagined. But then what need does Putin have for elderly Ukrainians?

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