Feb 23rd – Be Ready to Campaign For Ukraine

With the start of new year and Trump, COVID and a host of other major events keeping Ukraine out of the news, I thought it was time for another Campaign Day. I chose Feb 23rd as it coincides with a United Nations General Assembly debate discussing “the temporarily (Russian) occupied territories of Ukraine.”

As my video below points out, on the day please use the hashtags #RussiaInvadedUkraine & #CrimeaIsUkraine – and post on Russia’s on-going savage occupation of Crimea & eastern Ukraine. Write about the many atrocities and Human Rights abuses Russian forces have committed and continue to commit. But whatever you do, please do something, as silence is Putin’s best friend.


  1. Excellent but sad video. You might also consider adding the word ‘internally’ to the 1.5m displaced people quote. Just for extra clarity.


    1. Thank you, I was going to add Internally, but I wanted to keep the promo video short. However, next week I’ll be posting several detailed videos covering all the main stats, including displaced numbers etc. Thanks again for the feedback and support. Much appreciated.

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