Tragic News: 3 Ukrainian Soldiers Killed Today

Sad to report 3 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed today. The initial report indicates soldiers were moving to a position and died due to an explosion from an unknown device. Difficult to say at this early stage, but this may indicate Russia’s forces have managed to booby-trap a pathway used by Ukrainian soldiers. Both sides have vulnerable forward observation posts in front of their main lines and both sides mine areas beyond their positions. In addition recce patrols are routinely carried out, which always run the risk of tripping enemy mines and a whole host of anti-personnel gadgets.

It’s doubtful the soldiers triggered one of their own mines, as they know how important it is to stick to well used paths. Using UAV, Russia’s forces are now routinely dropping anti-personnel mines and even firing them towards Ukrainian lines, something they’ve previously done in the area where the soldiers died today. Whatever the circumstances, their deaths are another indicator that 2021 is shaping up to be a bloody year, and that’s exactly what Russia wants. Earlier in the week, 2 soldiers were also killed by Russia’s forces snipers on Feb 11th. R.I.P one and all.

3 soldiers reported killed near town of Novoluhanske. Russia’s forces occupy nearby towns of Horlivka & Debaltseve.

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  1. That is absolutely awful and tragic. Common murder by filthy terrorists on land that they have no right to be on.
    There has to be a response and it must be as fierce and savage as the occupiers.


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