Oops: Russia’s Forces Hide Radar System under Ukrainian Flag

Now, far be it from me to suggest Russia’s forces in Ukraine are made up of dimwitted fools without a brain cell to share amongst them… but it’s probably not a good idea to try and hide a Russian army radar system under a giant Ukrainian flag. The bright blue and yellow colours of Ukraine’s flag tend to SCREAM come look over here, and that’s probably why the OSCE took the picture seen below. Me thinks Russia’s cannon fodder are in desperate need of some very basic camouflage training.

The above OSCE image was taken on Feb 15th 2021. In Ukraine’s Luhansk region, the locations at the Russia’s forces base outside the village of Buhaivka, approx. 30km south-west of the occupied city of Luhansk. It shows a Russian 51U6 Kasta-2E1 target and acquisition radar. This is said to be the first time this system has been seen inside occupied Ukraine. For more info on it, I recommend you read the excellent report from Inform Napalm, who first published this OSCE image. Link to Feb 17th OSCE report on radar system sighting.

These radars are designed to track airborne targets such as planes, but with no military planes flying over the conflict zone, they track Ukrainian and OSCE UAV. The OSCE image shows several Ukrainian flags joined together, including the one in the foreground which is turned over, partially hiding the flags colours. Location Coordinates 48°24’50.59″N 38°52’38.18″E.

Close up of the Ukrainian flags.
Location of Buhaivka.
The radar system is located in the trees (yellow square) on the edge of a large Russia’s forces base.
Buhaivka base holds around 200 pieces of Russian hardware, including tanks, armoured fighting vehicles and artillery.
The radar system location on the right (yellow square).
The above wooded area seen in the OSCE image, was first used in 2018. In the same location as the 51U6 Kasta-2E1 radar, camouflage netting can be seen hiding what is likely to be an earlier radar system. This image is from June 2018.
This Dec 2019 satellite image is blurred due to cloud cover, but we can still make out military vehicles and in the lower yellow square a probable radar system.
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