We Had a Great Ukraine Campaign Day

My thanks to all who supported our successful Campaign Day.
Always wonderful to see people all around the world showing pro-active support for Ukraine – and we managed to get two hashtags trending.

Last week saw our Feb 23rd Campaign Day for Ukraine. Using both #CrimeaIsUkraine and #RussiaInvadedUkraine hashtags, we spent the day highlighting Russia’s invasion and continued occupation of Crimea & parts of eastern Ukraine. Feb 23rd coincided with a United Nations General Assembly debate on the – Situation in Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine. This UN Debate resulted in strong worldwide condemnation of Russia’s actions. Germany described the invasion of Crimea as “the most blatant violation of international law since world war two.” The European Union noted “the human rights situation in the peninsula has severely deteriorated… Human rights and international humanitarian law abuses must be investigated and perpetrators brought to justice.” Read all statements.

Three days later on Feb 26th, #CrimeaIsUkraine and #Crimea trended again. On the anniversary of Russia’s Feb 2014 invasion of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, large numbers of people and countries across the globe again denounced Russia.

Campaign days are important. Putin relies on short-lived, lacklustre responses to his criminal actions. Seven years on, he wants the world to move on and forget Russia ever invaded Ukraine. He wants foreign businesses to feel confident about investing in Crimea. So the more popular a hashtag becomes, the greater likelihood more people, politicians and countries will read about Russia’s illegal actions & use them to condemn Russia – something we saw happen last week. This condemnation will be reported by the media, thereby shining an unwanted light on the Kremlin’s dirty deeds. So please keep using them.

Seen below, Feb 23rd started well with early Twitter trending in Ukraine and both hashtags vying for top spot.

Trending at 11.19 London time. Screen grab from Twitter Trending Worldwide.

Indicating the large number of people supporting the campaign, both hashtags trended on Twitter throughout the day. Seen below, #RussiaInvadedUkraine was STILL trending just after 5.49pm London time.

My screen grab.
#CrimeaIsUkraine trending early on Feb 23rd. My screen grab.

On Feb 26th, #CrimeaIsUkraine got off to a great start, with more early morning trending. Indicating the strong worldwide usage of the hashtag, remarkably it was still trending shortly after 7.33pm London time.

My screen grab.

Seeing the US president Biden using the line – Crimea is Ukraine rounded off a good day on Feb 26th.
Full White House statement.

Even Ukraine’s Security Service joined in. Outside the Russian embassy in Kyiv, they erected this Crimea Is Ukraine sign.

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