Some Seaborne Support for Ukraine

Good to see a flotilla of NATO ships visiting Ukraine.
Part of NATO’s Naval Mine Action Group, four ships from Turkey, Spain and Romania docked at the port of Odessa on the Black Sea. Ships usual task is to detect and destroy sea mines, as well as to escort ships and vessels through minefields. In an on-going show of support for Ukraine, ships from NATO routinely visit Ukrainian ports, and like this Mine Action Group, they conduct training exercises with the Ukrainian Navy. Naturally Russia gets upset by their presence, as Russia seems to think it owns the Black Sea, along with the waters around Russian occupied Crimea. More info via Ukraine Ministry of Defence website.


  1. Excellent. The Kremlin needs to be shown that the Black Sea is not a Russian sea. I hope the ships from Turkey, Spain and Romania visit Mariupol and/or Berdyansk in the Azov Sea too


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