Great Response to My New YouTube Video

My thanks to everyone who supported my latest video – well over 3,000 views now. PLEASE keep the YouTube support coming, as to better combat the Kremlins anti-Ukraine propaganda, I need to increase viewing stats and subscriptions. The Get It Right video is straightforward, simply pointing out there are no Ukrainian “Separatists, Rebels, Pro-Russian, proxy or militant” soldiers in eastern Ukraine; they’re all fighting for Russia, all part of Russia’s forces. Link to my channel.

How do we know they are Russia’s forces? 
The two so-called (Russia-led) Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics have never credibly explained how they could pay the monthly wages for the tens of thousands of soldiers within their territory. Never revealed where they acquire their endless supply of ammo, the thousands of pieces of hardware such as tanks, the tens of thousands of Russian uniforms and small-arms like machine guns, grenades, anti-tank rockets etc. In size, their military forces dwarf those of many European countries, but they can’t explain how they pay for it all or how all their hardware magically appeared.    

In addition to military costs, they’ve never explained how they pay for hospitals’ upkeep, pay the wages for the tens of thousands of medical staff, police, fire services, schools, teaching staff, civil administration staff, multiple public services, the list goes on and on. For two small territories in eastern Ukraine with only around 2 million people living within them, many of them elderly, and with little employment opportunities, no large scale employers, the Donetsk & Luhansk republics have a bottomless pit of money.

It’s blindly evident that Russia fully funds and controls both the Donetsk & Luhansk republics and their military forces – that is unless money grows on Ukrainian trees in Russian occupied Ukraine?

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