Ukraine’s Flag Flies High Over War-torn Avdiivka

Marking the 7th anniversary of Ukraine’s fightback against Russia’s invasion, this week saw a large Ukrainian flag installed in the town of Avdiivka. Members of the military, police and civil authorities attended the symbolic raising of the flag. The positioning of it is no less symbolic. Seen behind the flagpole, the damage inflicted on the flats by merciless Russian artillery is still clearly visible. Located on the edge of the town the flats endured daily shell fire and it’s a wonder they didn’t fall town (Ukrainian architecture standing firm). Fighting is now largely confined to the nearby industrial centre which is held by the Ukrainian army. Facing Avdiivka, Russia’s forces are heavily dug in along a now disused dual carriageway road & rail line, leading into the occupied city of Donetsk. Facebook post on flag raising.

The brave souls who risked attending the ceremony. Russia’s forces routinely try and shoot down Ukrainian flags.
Video from Nov 2016, shows relentless shelling of the flats.
Feb 2017: UK ITV News video gives you a flavour of the suffering residents of Avdiivka endured during constant shelling of the town.
Yellow square marks location of flats and flag. Russia’s forces hold village of Spartak and everything on the far right, including the destroyed Donetsk airport. As you can see, across open fields, the tall blacks of flats made for an easy target.
Close-up of the flats, with red square marking flag location.

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