The BBC Expose Russia’s NATO Nonsense

Russia’s NATO Nonsense.
A continuous feature of Russia’s propaganda involves false claims Ukraine’s run by America, the CIA, NATO and those pesky wicked west countries – basically anyone other than the Ukrainian people. With the Kremlin’s current disinformation accusing Ukraine of planning to launch an offensive against so-called “separatist” held Ukraine, Russia’s upped their fake news output.

With the total absence of proof, unfounded allegations abound of NATO troops and hardware arriving in Ukraine, to join the Ukrainian army’s “offensive.” Delving into this disinformation, the BBC Reality Check and BBC Monitoring teams exposed some of Russia’s NATO nonsense.

On Rossiya 1, one of Russia’s most popular TV news programme, they detailed the alleged build-up of NATO forces in Ukraine. “Never before has there been so much of the alliance’s military equipment on Ukrainian soil,” said the troubled presenter. Backing up their claim, several film clips were shown & even a quote thrown in for good measure. Now it probably wont come as any surprise to learn none of the film footage was filmed in Ukraine and even the quote was made up.

Footage of a US C-17 transport plane was said to be landing in Ukraine. But as the US Department of Defence website shows, it actually landed in Alaska. The film footage was lightened to obscure the Alaska mountains seen in the original film.
Can’t have a fake offensive without fake tanks. This US tank seen here unloading in Bulgaria in 2015, was claimed to have arrived in Ukraine.

And lastly that quote.
Mr Kiselyov, Russia’s “chief propagandist”, referenced a quote from Lord Palmerston, British Prime Minister during the Crimean War in the 1850s. “It’s so difficult to live when no-one wages war on Russia.” The quote neatly fits into Putin’s RUSSIAPHOBIA rhetoric claiming everyone’s out to diss Russia. The only downside to this unlikely quote is, there’s zero evidence Lord Palmerston ever said it.

So, Russia’s flag ship news channel had a chance to present verifiable proof of a #NATO build up in Ukraine, and instead we got a dodgy quote and footage of US hardware in Alaska and Bulgaria. Enough said.

Lord Palmerston.


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