East Ukraine: Russia’s Forces Shell Hospital

Moving on from bombing hospitals in Syria, Russia’s now bombing them in Europe.
On May 4th, Ukrainian military reported the hospital at Krasnohorivka was hit by mortar and machine gun fire. In their daily report published May 5th, the OSCE map detailing ceasefire violations confirms the town was hit – The OSCE are likely to visit the hospital, and we should get an update on their observations later in the week.

Building damage to wall, windows and trees. Possible shell impact can be seen below the middle lower window on the right hand side. This shredded the tree next to it and likely caused all the windows to shatter. Now imagine the ensuing horror if this had been an occupied ward.
An ambulance was also hit during the shelling.
Radio Free Europe video showing the damage and hospital staff talking about the mortar shells hitting the hospital.

Typically much of Russia’s forces shelling occurs under cover of darkness, with the hospital reportedly hit at 9.25pm. Fortunately none of the 45 patients or hospital staff were injured. Currently the hospital is used to combat COVID-19, so it’s battling both a global pandemic and the unwelcome attention from Russian shells. Some 30 windows were said to be damaged, along with walls, trees, power cables and the above ambulance.

Located behind Ukrainian military positions defending the town, this looks to have been a deliberate targeting of the hospital. Remember, both sides have been dug in here since 2015 and everyone knows the layout of the land and exactly where military positions and hospitals etc. are located. In addition, in the Petrovskyi district of Donetsk city, Russia’s forces occupy several large mine slag heaps – this height advantage enables them to better observe and target Ukrainian held Krasnohorivka and nearby Marinka.

Krasnohorivka is located just a few kilometres from Russia’s forces positions in and around the city of Donetsk (hospital red square).
The Hospital.
Damage to tree. Now imagine if that was a person? The right hand arrow points North and the other indicates direction of fire – this looks to be pointing towards the Petrovskyi district of Donetsk city. The May 5th date indicates the day the damage was officially recorded.
Ukrainian Emergency services on the scene yesterday repairing the damage. What maybe the impact from a shell can be seen in front of the man standing by the window. Behind the man, the tree seen in the previous pic has been cut down.
Close-up of the damage to the wall seen in the previous pic.
OSCE map from their May 5th daily report. My black square indicates they registered fire hitting Krasnohorivka.
Ukrainian Emergency services repairing windows.
Emergency services checking for shell fragments, bullets and UXO.
Damage inside the hospital.
Shrapnel found at the scene.
Repairing windows.
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