Russia’s Forces Fire on Monitoring Vehicle

On May 3rd, Ukrainian military reported Russia-led forces fired on one of their Joint Control & Coordination Commission (JCCC) vehicles. To say the large, white vehicle with JCCC emblazoned on the side is a tad conspicuous, is an understatement. Both sides use JCCC teams – their job involving the recording of damage to civilian property, civilian casualties, ceasefire violations & liaising with the OSCE.

Incident happened at the hotspot village of Vodyane on Ukraine’s south, Azov Sea coast. There’s firing here virtually every single day and both sides are very close, with no more than a few hundred metres separating their trenches. The pictures indicate several bullets penetrated the vehicle and hit the other side – and it’s only the luck of the Gods no one was hit by them. One can only assume this is yet another provocation attempt by Russia’s forces, designed to prompt more Ukrainian return fire. Or maybe all Russia’s cannon fodder are colour blind & thought the large white vehicle emblazoned with JCCC was a green tank?

Ukrainian JCCC showing North (left arrow) and direction of fire (right arrow) – date indicates the day they recorded this information. Red circles indicate bullet holes. This image shows the exit holes with the right arrow pointing towards the nearby village of Leninske. Header image shows bullet holes on the other side facing the frontline.
Bullet hole.
Bullet hole.
Location of Vodyane. Everything east of it is held by Russia’s forces. Firing reported as coming from village of Leninske.
One of the bullets which hit the vehicle.

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