May 6th: Russia’s Forces Kill 2 Ukrainian Soldiers

The price for defending democracy rose yesterday.
Today Ukraine’s military report details increased number of firing attacks by Russia-led forces on May 6th. This upsurge led to the death of 2 Ukrainian soldiers and saw a third severely wounded. Covering frontline events on May 5th, the OSCE had already reported a higher volume of fire, including use of heavy artillery.

Now why this sudden firing increase? Well I’d say you’d get good odds for linking it to US Secretary of State Blinken’s visit to Ukraine yesterday – Putin wanting to remind president Biden that Russia still occupies a big chunk of Ukraine. My assessment is the increase will continue for a few more days and likely tail off again later next week.

Ukrainian president Zelenskyy (left) with Sec Blinken.
OSCE chart showing number of ceasefire violations and explosions on May 5th – 636 violations including 275 explosions.

With the month of May shaping up to be a bloody one, last month was no less bloody. April saw the below 14 Ukrainian soldiers killed by Russia-led forces, many of them by sniper fire.

To learn more about Ukraine’s sons, fathers and husbands who died, please visit the Novynarnia website.

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